Track your expenses

Use a smart expense tracker to help you manage your money.

Use a smart expense tracker.

Use an expense tracker with smart features to help you manage your money:

  • See your current balance

    See the total of your transactions and incomes for the current day, month, or year.

  • View upcoming bills

    View upcoming bills and incomes so you can plan your spending.

  • Control your spending with budgets

    Use the budgets page to keep track of income sources.

Automatic bills and incomes

Use the bills and budgets pages to view upcoming expenses and incomes. They will be added as transactions on the due date automatically, so you won't have to worry about adding them!

Get detailed reports

Use powerful statistics to see how well you are using your money. Compare your incomes and expenses and see your spending trends over time.

Use a better tool to
manage your finances

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